We believe at the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation that music should be accessible to all regardless of their gender, background or social status. We are dedicated to help the next generation of female jazz musicians by giving the space, mentoring and help they need to achieve excellence. We also believe that lack of role models and opportunities are a huge obstacle for young women wishing to develop their jazz music career.

In 2015, we organised the first all-female big band via our ‘Big Band In A Day’ programme, bringing together 18 players that have never met and turning them into a jazz big band. Since the experience was so successful and the feedback was so positive, we decided to re-invite the same band to play again last March.

Another fantastic performance by the Big Band In A Day team. What a powerful image to have an all-female line-up with talent and enjoyment being displayed in equal measure! Bravo – a superb initiative that was professionally executed. Thank you for allowing the parents to share in the experience #special #memories.


I just wanted to let you know that when I spoke to my daughter about the effect that playing at Ronnie Scott’s had on her, she said that the whole experience really lifted her mood. This was confirmed by her music teacher who contacted me to say that her confidence was at an all time high upon her return to school after the event. So, I would really like to thank you again for the wonderful experience you offered her. I think it is important for you to know that the opportunity you gave her made a huge impression on her life.