Elland Silver Band is an independent music charity, based in Elland, West Yorkshire. Established in 1850 it is one of the oldest brass bands in the region. In 1995 the band formed the Elland Silver Youth Brass Band, and now runs a very successful music education programme for children aged 7 upwards for brass and percussion instruments. The organisation runs a beginner brass band, beginner percussion ensemble, intermediate brass band, youth band, adult training ensemble and a senior band. Membership stands at around 150 people aged from 7 to 75 years, with around 120 members being aged 7 – 18 years.

In 2019, the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation awarded a grant to the Elland Silver Band to organise four events comprising masterclasses and workshops with visiting brass and percussion specialists. This programme was set up to help advance the skills and knowledge of young musicians living in the area.

Since the project has started, three masterclasses have taken place benefiting 50 young musicians with an age range from 11 – 18 years. Sessions were focused on instruments such as tenor horn, cornet, euphonium and percussion. Each masterclass has ended in a Q&A session with the professionals.

The next workshop is planned for Saturday 18th January, with Baritone tutor, Katrina Marzella (Black Dyke Band).

This workshop will focus on how to improve solo playing, and the importance of Baritone / Horn with the brass band setting.

To join or find out more about the band, please visit: www.ellandsilverband.co.uk

All the sessions are fully funded by the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation and will be free-to-attend.