The RSCF usually welcomes applications for funding under its ongoing grants scheme. Due to the coronavirus, the Foundation hasn’t been able to raise the required funds to enable our usual funding rounds. Therefore we have decided to postpone our grants until further notice.

Applications should normally be for sums between £250 and £10,000.


 Please note:

To apply, you must be an organisation providing music and/or jazz educational programmes to youth in the UK living in challenging financial and/or social environments;

  • Grant application for over £3,000: the Foundation requires from the applicants to have secured or applied for at least half of the funding from other sources;
  • The Foundation will fund projects for a maximum period of three year;
  • For any programme re-applying, the Trustees will require a development in scale of the project (additional activities, evolution of the concept etc.).
  • The Trustees expects a legacy from any submitted project/programme (see Grant Guidelines section 2)




If you think your organisation fits the profile, please send a formal 2-3 pages max grant proposal (including both sections in GRANT APPLICATION GUIDELINES below) to Simon Cooke on








Your grant proposal should include:


– Name of the charity/organisation
– Address
– Website
– Charity/Organisation Registration Number
– Date of Creation
– Description
– Number of Staff
– Trustees Name & Date of Birth
– Safeguarding Policy: Do you have a safeguarding policy? Are all your tutors and staff DBS checked? Is your organisation up to date with the Health & Safety Policies and Risk Assessments compliances?


– Description of the project
– Location – where will the project take part?
– When
– Duration
– Specific Challenges Faced by Target Group
– Age Range
– How many children and young people do you expect to work with?
– How many children and young people do you expect to be core participants?
– Aims (at least 3)
– Intended outcomes (at least 3) – What is the legacy of the project?
– Activity Plan
– Budget (including Additional Funding if applicable)
– Total request amount