The RSCF welcomes applications for funding under its ongoing grants scheme. The next Funding Round will be in July 2019 with the cut-off point for applications on Friday 15th of June 2019. The exact time and date of the meeting will be confirmed soon. Applications should normally be for sums between £250 and £10,000.

To apply, you must be a UK based organisation providing music and/or jazz educational programmes to youth living in challenging environments. If you think your organisation fits the profile, please send a formal grant proposal to Fatine Boumaaz on (see GUIDELINES below). Please send the proposal in a 2-3 pages max word or pdf document.


Your grant proposal should include:


– Name of the charity/organisation
– Address
– Website
– Charity/Organisation Registration Number
– Date of Creation
– Description
– Number of Staff
– Trustees Name & Date of Birth
– Safeguarding Policy: Do you have a safeguarding policy? Are all your tutors and staff DBS checked? Is your organisation up to date with the Health & Safety Policies and Risk Assessments compliances?


– Description of the project
– Location – where will the project take part?
– When
– Duration
– Specific Challenges Faced by Target Group
– Age Range
– How many children and young people do you expect to work with?
– How many children and young people do you expect to be core participants?
– Aims (at least 3)
– Intended outcomes (at least 3)
– Activity Plan
– Budget (including Additional Funding if applicable)
– Total request amount