Music education starts in school. Unfortunately with all the Government budget cuts, many schools in the UK don’t have the provision to purchase musical instruments. Even with dedicated and motivated music teachers, if a school don’t have the equipment, they are not in position to provide music tuition. This is the reason why we decided to allocate part of our funding to schools wishing to buy instruments. We help schools via our grant scheme with the purchase of brand new instruments.

Our grants to Goresbrook School in Barking & Dagenham in London have enabled them to acquire 28 instruments for their ‘Generation Big Band’ programme (see here). North Oxfordshire Academy in Banbury also benefitted from our funding with the acquisition of 6 saxophones and 6 clarinets for North Oxfordshire’s fusion ensemble – ‘The Sambinos’ (see here). In September 2019, we awarded a £3000 grant to Mobberley Primary School in Cheshire for them to purchase brand new instruments for their Wider Opportunities Programme (see here). We also awarded a grant for instruments to Westside School in Hammersmith, London.

We also provided instruments to the following schools via our Instrument Amnesty: Parkwood Primary School (Keighley, York); Walnut Tree Primary School (Kennington, London) and Blossom House School (Blossom House School, London).


We at the foundation recognise how important it is for all children to have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, but also that some children are unable to access this. Every two years we hold an ‘instrument amnesty’ in which we ask to musicians, members of Ronnie Scotts, and the public to donate their unwanted instruments so we can redistribute them to young people who need them. Since 2015, we’ve collected and redistributed over 700 instruments to children whose access to music education has been compromised due to their social situation and/or geographical location. Donors are given a unique tracking number so they can find out where their instrument ended up, and beneficiaries have included children from Uganda, Nepal, Zanzibar, Palestine and Colombia. Our amnesties have received support from a number of stars, including Jools Holland, Christian Scott, K.T Tunstall, James McVey, Nittin Sawhney and Sam Smith. 


In association with In Place of War and Trackside Creative

In 2017 we identified, with the help of UK based charity In Place Of War, a home-grown music centre in Soweto TrackSide Creative that was desperately in need of a professional mixing desk to develop their thriving music community. The Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation stepped in and sent them Ronnie Scott’s Yamaha M7CL/48 mixing desk. We sent out Ronnie Scott’s Technical Manager, Miles Ashton, along with Fatine Boumaaz, head of the Charitable Foundation, to run a serie of live sound workshops with some of the young people from the local community. These training will help make regular live music events possible and empower the local community through the magic of music making.