The Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation is glad to help fund the Jazzlines Talent Development Programme in Birmingham for the third year. As the primary jazz promoter, commissioner and educator outside London, PBL’s Jazzlines initiative continues to bring the most exciting emerging and established jazz musicians and ensembles to Birmingham. In 2020, 119 children and young people (aged 10-25 years) will have the opportunity to learn and develop their musical ability through the Jazzlines Talent Development Programme. They will:

  • Learn from some of the most experienced and exciting UK and international jazz educators and musicians in informal and inspiring arts environments
  • Participate in high-profile performance opportunities at THSH and other venues and festivals in Birmingham
  • Benefit from support and expertise from partner organisations, such as the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
  • Access additional opportunities, including: access to selected Jazzlines events; advice from industry professionals; contacts and networking to support progression and development; world class rehearsal and recording facilities; as well as mentoring from the Jazzlines team.

From 2020, the Jazzlines Talent Development Programme will be delivered through an expanded range of focused initiatives, such as: Jazzlines Summer School; Jazzlines Ensembles (three instrumental, one vocal and a Gospel group); Rise Up; Future Fellows; and an annual Jazzlines Commission.

 About Jazzlines and how to get involved, visit: https://www.thsh.co.uk/whats-on/org/jazzlines 

“The Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation’s support for PBL’s Jazzlines Talent Development Programme during 2018 and 2019 has been invaluable in supporting the provision and in demonstrating confidence in the project to other stakeholders. We have been especially grateful for Fatine’s visits to see our provision first-hand, as London funders don’t often make the journey to Birmingham. We look forward to developing further a long and prosperous relationship between the Jazzlines initiative and Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation.”

Guy Oddy

Development Manager, Jazzlines