Nottingham Music Education Hub run/support instrumental tuition in 77% of primary schools in Nottingham City. A range of their ensembles are designed for varying interests and skill levels, from the beginner Area Bands to Band Factory, which caters to our rock and pop artists, to an intermediate orchestra that leads up to our youth orchestra.

Nottingham City, is one of the most deprived areas in the country, ranking no. 8 of 326 districts per the Multiple Deprivation Index 2015. Nearly 2/3rds of the children live in households where no adults work or where the income is low. By providing music making opportunities for young people living in challenging circumstances, including income deprivation, Nottingham Music Education Hub strive to spread the positive impact of music among a larger audience.

Music Camp is a two-day residential at the beautiful YHA Ilam Hall in Peak District for children aged 9-10. The camp mixes musical activities with outdoor games and play, which engages pupils and energises them to perform and challenge themselves. The main aims of the camp include helping children improve their instrumental, music-reading and ensemble skills, gain more confidence in their own abilities, enhance their social skills and be inspired to continue making music.

Around 80 children from primary schools across Nottingham City will attend Music Camp in September 2019. Many of these children have never been on a residential before and this will be the first time they experience the Peak District. At least 22% of children who attended Music Camp in the last two years were on Free School Meals (the national average for children on Free Schools Meals is 15%). Almost half of the children are eligible for pupil premium.

This camp is co-funded by the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation and the Arts Council.