Our Mission

The Foundation aims to promote and support music education which is essential to child development and helps to develop skills for school readiness such as intellectual, social and emotional skills, motor and language skills and literacy.

Jazz music education in particular is important as it is a genre which encourages participation from every member of a band and therefore allows each band member to express their own emotions through music. It also fosters a sense of community in part of a big band and with this comes a boost in self-confidence and the feeling of freedom within a group through improvisation.

Our objectives are:



To advance education through the promotion, encouragement and support of jazz education programmes to ensure that music education is accessible to every child and young person, especially those who are under privileged.


To advance such charitable purposes as the trustees see fit from time to time in particular but not limited to raising and distributing funds and gifting musical instruments to organisations that create or develop youth jazz programmes.