Since 2010, government reforms, prioritizing core academic subjects over the creative arts, combined with school funding cuts have resulted in a crisis in music education in the U.K. The growing lack of opportunities to learn music at school deprives children of the countless educational, psychological and social benefits of music education. This is particularly true of children from lower socio-economic backgrounds, as the cost of private music lessons and musical instruments can not be afforded by many parents. This has a long term, irreversible generational effect on the talent pool of the UK’s thriving music industry, which is worth 3.9 billion to the British economy each year.

Ronnie Scott’s, one of the world’s most famous jazz clubs, has been a symbol of London and the home of British jazz since 1959. Originally set up by two musicians, Pete King and Ronnie Scott, the club was created as a hang for local musicians to come and jam. In this spirit and in response to the growing crisis in music education, the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation was launched in December 2015.


Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the support of jazz and music education in the U.K and beyond. We believe that music education should be available to all, so that all young people benefit from the same opportunities, no matter where they live, what music they play and what their financial background is.

The charity’s aim is to help nurture the next generation of musicians. Our core work is aimed at improving access to music education for young people, especially those whose access to music education has been compromised due to their socio-economic and/or geographical location. The Foundation raises and distributes funds to organisations that provide free-to-attend music education programmes, and has supported almost fifty projects so far, benefitting hundreds of schoolchildren in the UK and overseas.

We also run our own programmes, with activities including free monthly big band workshops for young musicians and sessions with established musicians in local schools, and collect and distribute musical instruments through our musical instrument amnesties. Since its creation, the charity has been run by Fatine Boumaaz.

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We understand, here at the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation, that owning an instrument is vital to the success of every beginning music student. Every two years, we collect and distribute musical instruments and equipment to organisations working with children in the UK and overseas during our ‘Instrument Amnesty’. We also help schools with the purchase of brand new instruments.

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As a leading figure in the jazz world, it is natural that our focus is the advancement of jazz education. We run our own projects inviting schoolchildren to one-off jazz sessions via our ‘big band in a day’ workshop or with in-residence artists. Every year, we also support affordable or free-to-attend jazz educational programmes via selected grass root organisations in London and across the country.

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