Over the course of two days, we turned a group of 25 children that never met before into a choir. During the workshop, they developed their singing skills by learning basic jazz vocals techniques such improvisation or harmonies. The session ended with a live performance on Ronnie Scott’s Main Stage opening for Natalie Williams & Soul Family. The workshop, led by Natalie Williams and Hannah Vasanth, was free to attend and fully funded by the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation.

Location: Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, London

Date: April 2016

Age Group: 8 to 18

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you, Natalie and everyone else who made it possible for the kids. They all did amazingly and Noah just had the best time. He has now announced that jazz and gospel are his new preferred music genres and he want to concentrate in this area! At the age of 10, bless!”

Julie C.