In 2017 we identified, with the help of UK based charity In Place Of War, a home-grown music centre in Soweto TrackSide Creative that was desperately in need of a professional mixing desk to develop their thriving music community. The Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation stepped in and sent them Ronnie Scott’s Yamaha M7CL/48 mixing desk.

We sent out Ronnie Scott’s Technical Manager, Miles Ashton, along with Fatine Boumaaz, head of the Charitable Foundation, to run a serie of live sound workshops with some of the young people from the local community. These training will help make regular live music events possible and empower the local community through the magic of music making.

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“With Yamaha’s M7CL mixing desk from Ronnie Scott’s at Trackside, and us appreciating and imagining the amount of love, light and soul that it has helped carry over time, it feels like a baton has been handed to us to continue the tradition of keeping music alive on a grand scale. We’re looking forward to hosting the most magical concerts knowing that the spirit of Ronnie Scott guides us.”

Mambila Mageza

Runs Trackside with his partner Nthabiseng Letsoso