Learning the trombone has been in decline. In 2016 the DYJA Board identified the decline in learning the instrument as a priority issue to address. Coupled with the decline and changes in the music education field, DYJA wanted to generate local interest in learning the trombone in order to establish a new generation of young trombone players that would eventually join their ensembles.

TOS was a 16 week pilot project, facilitated and headed up by British jazz trombonist Dennis Rollins and aimed to engage with, inspire and develop a new generation of trombone players. This project engaged with 2 local primary schools (Town Field Primary School and Kirk Sandall Primary School), local to Doncaster Jazz Centre, where the course was held. 16 young people completed the course.

Visits were made to the local schools from which they came from with the request that any child wishing to continue with their learning journey would be able to do so within the school curriculum in September 2017. This workshop was organised by the Doncaster Youth Jazz Association and fully funded by the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation. We are also grateful to PBone ( who kindly provided the trombones.


Location: Doncaster

Date: January – June 2017

Age Group: 4 to 10

“It is worth noting that with Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation support we are able to boost our activity with the view to continuing with the work we have started. DYJA’s current aim within the next few years is to become a regional jazz centre of excellence and having your support to pilot activity, build a reliable network of regional partners, reputable musicians, and engage with brand new learners who have never been exposed to jazz before, is an exciting and rewarding outcome.  Thank you for your support!”

Emily Moncuit

Office Manager DYJA