In 2018-19 the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation awarded a grant to Wac Arts for both their Junior Wac Arts Music Tuition and the Wac Arts Band programmes benefitting 77 young people aged 9-20.

The Foundation is delighted to partner with Wac Arts for a second time and help fund their music programmes in 2020. From January we will continue help support their Musical Instrument and Band tuition, as well as new masterclass sessions led by professional musicians, and a week- long Summer Holiday Jazz Music School. The grant will support tutor fees for these activities, taking place from January to August 2020. Activities will include: Junior Wac Arts Music Tuition (70+ young people, aged 9-15), Wac Arts Band (30+ young people, aged 10+), Jazz Summer School (10+ young people) and Masterclasses (30 young people, of various ages).

For more info and how to join, visit: https://www.wacarts.co.uk/what-we-do/junior-wac-arts#join

Wac Arts is in support of young people of all abilities aged 5–26 by providing music, theatre, dance and digital media programmes to help young people build skills for employment in the creative industries and in other professions. They equip them to make positive choices for themselves and a positive contribution to society. For 40 years Wac Arts has worked in engaging and imaginative ways to support young people, with a commitment to those who face barriers to opportunity. They work with 800 young people annually, 78% are from black, Afro-Caribbean, Asian, and other minority ethnic backgrounds and 19% of our young people identify as having SEN and/or disabilities.

‘It’s great to see all the new students in the music group making new friends, and creating music together. One parent dropped her son off last week and turned to me and said, I love this place’. Leon Hazlewood

Junior Wac Arts Coordinator