York Music Service is an independent, not-for-profit limited company, providing lessons and opportunities for young people and adults in and around the city of York. Their York Jazz Initiative education arm was launched in 2016 to pull together all of our existing Jazz opportunities under one umbrella organisation, overseen by our Director of Jazz Initiative, Ian Chalk. ‘York Jazz Jam Weekend’ was a holiday weekend course aimed at introducing young people aged 10-18 to jazz music and experience playing jazz.

The Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation funded the York Junior Jam Weekend, a workshop designed to help young people develop their jazz performance skills whether they are experienced jazz soloists or have never played jazz before. Young musicians benefit from this workshop through a widening of their harmonic knowledge, helping them get to know their instrument better and building their confidence plus having lots of fun.

Location: York

Date: August 2017

Age group: 8 to 20 years old

Find Out More: https://www.yorkjazzinitiative.co.uk/

“We were able to introduce youngsters from the age of 10 and upwards, to the fun of playing jazz music and the skills and techniques needed to start to improvise. The older students had the opportunity to work with some really expert Jazz North Northern Line artists to work on advanced techniques and jazz harmony. It was such an amazing experience for them all!”

York Music Service