Young&Gifted involved working with musicians aged 14-18 giving them a chance to collaborate through a series of music workshops. Sixteen participants attended four weekly 3-hours long sessions. The sessions included a workshop and rehearsals in three small groups. They were provided with rehearsal space and three tutors – one tutor per group – who helped them prepare 15 min worth of performance material. On the fifth week of the workshop the participants showcased their work playing an opening set at one of the best jazz clubs in the world – Ronnie Scott’s. The most hard-working and talented individuals were rewarded.

The aims of the workshop were to inspire young people to get more involved in music, to boost confidence, to give a real life experience of working as a professional musician and to improve stage experience. The tutors were Rachael Cohen, Daniel Casimir, Adam Saunders and Phil Meadows. This workshop was organised by Rudzani Moleya & Goda Bumbliauskaite and fully funded by the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation.

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“It’s been really fun, inspiring and very special”

Asha Osborne